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    I've been out at Jay under -30. Dressed well keeping exposed skin to a minimum and it wasn't bad, and no crowds. (January 2005)

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    Well my family night skied at Shawnee Peak ME on a night where it was -11 F, Bretton Woods last year where the temp was 0 F with wind-chill much lower, Wildcat on a -4 day not including winds last year and Saddleback -5.

    As long as you are protected the temps are manageable. It is the darn chair lift rides that are killer especially at Sabbleback on Rangley Double
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    Not such thing, it is just a matter of dressing approriately for the given weather. I actually love sub zero days on winter weekends, as it keeps the crowds down significantly.

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    I took this photo at Cannon some years ago. It was -14F. Except for the bit peeking out from behind my goggles I had no exposed skin. I would not have been able to ski if I hadn't purchased that mask in the Cannon shop that morning.

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    Depends on the wind and the terrain available. If it's windy and I'm at a place with no gondola or bubble lift then single digits is about as low as I care to go. But with low or no wind and plenty of snow in the woods I'll go as low as I've seen so far, which is probably around -24 at Sugarloaf several years ago. As long as I can be in the woods I'm generating enough body heat to stay plenty warm. It's the lift ride that's the problem. Give me a gondola, tram or bubble lift and it's all good.
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    I was at Jay a couple years ago, -17 with advertised wind chills in the -30s. Tram was closed all day due to the wind. The skiing was actually pretty good, and for the most part the lift rides weren't bad, except for the Flyer. We only made the mistake of riding that once.

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    Never to cold to ski. Just have to go in more to get warmed up and drink more alcohol.

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    I was at Mt. Snow once where the static temp was just above 0* but the wind chill made it -20 or maybe even lower. I can't recall exactly, but I know it was stupidly cold. Mostly I remember there were frostbite warnings posted all over the place, and the lift attendants wouldn't let anyone on who showed any exposed skin. That was really cold on the lifts and rather unpleasant at times while heading downhill.

    Last winter we hit Stowe on a 0* or -1* static temp day. But there was no wind at all, it was very sunny, and not much of a temp drop from base to summit. No crowds at all- That day was fantastic. We only noticed the cold towards the end of the lift ride, and not at all while on the snow.

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    Skiied back in the early 90's at Stowe when the air temp was -35! Snow was awesome, and no wind. You could still only take a few runs and then go and warm up.

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    I don't care how cold it's is as long as no wind.

    Loud snow is good snow

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