Date(s) Hiked: 21 October 2002

Trails(s) Hiked: Starr King Trail (RMC & WMNF)

Total Distance: 7.2 miles

Difficulty: Not hard, but on a humid day, a glasses-fogger

Conditions: 35F, clear down low, flurries up higher.

Special Required Equipment: A saw wouldn't hurt

Trip Report: Not a particularly long or steep hike, but a super chance to see zillions of dead trees of various stripe. Take your pick of rotten, fungus-ridden, blown down, shattered, etc. and you'll see it off, and on, the trail. Only a few trees to clamber over, though. Mostly, a fun hike for fungus lovers, woodpecker enthusiasts and fans of frosty, snowy scenes (albeit with low visibility). Near the col between Starr King and Waumbek, I did see a black-backed woodpecker - very cool.