Rock ski thoughts...


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    Rock ski thoughts...

    ....just took in my boards for a tune and the tech was shocked at my "Mad River Glen detuning edge program" I put in place last weekend (despite stellar conditions, there were still some crunchy spark generating spots). I was a bit shocked at his shock, as if the boards should be put on the trash heap. He mumbled "I'm not sure how well I can address the edges, how deep I can go....yadda yadda...). Woah...this from the best, 45 year old local shop.

    Anyways, it would be great if there was a website with close up images of edge and bottom "issues" one could look at and get some reference points. I, personally, didn't think things were so bad....but I'm from the era of p-tex, lies, and duct tape....

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    I'm sure alot of shops give technicians incentives if they convince someone who needs a tune to buy new skis instead. Unless the skis are bent or broken, or an edge has been blown out, they're fixable.

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    whoa, good point JimG, never thought of that one! when i brought my "rock skis" into the shop during pre-season, i told the shop dude they were gonna need a LOT of work (any one who has seen my bases can attest!), especially after only one season of use brand new, lol. he flipped them over and shot back "i've seen worse."

    that inspires confidence

    rock skis are definitely essential for those of us who like to enjoy any trail in any condition but i find myself buying skis more and more often as the rock skis just don't measure up to the regulars!

    my thoughts on skis are simple: all skis eventually become rock skis. doesn't matter if we rush things along if it means getting a steller line
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    i pretty much turned my new skis into rocks skis when i did everything on wildcat last weekend even with horrible coverage, but for some reason i did no damage at all, very odd. Then when u care about hitting rocks and try to avoid them you always to seem to hit them, so i just gave up

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