Carter Notch Hut via 19-Mile Brook - 8/9/08


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    Carter Notch Hut via 19-Mile Brook - 8/9/08

    Destination: Carter Notch Hut

    Route: 19-Mile Brook Trail

    Distance: 7.6 mi roundtrip

    Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

    Conditions: Some mud and running water on trail

    The "Once-a-Year Crew" was at it in the Whites last weekend, and we had fun on the only sunny day so far in August. A gorgeous day to get out with our camping group. More hardy types will target all the 4000K peaks or highpoints, etc., but our team only hikes once a year during our camping trip in Bartlett, so our humble goal is just to visit all the WMNF huts over the next several trips. So far we have knocked off Mizpah and Zealand, and this year we were after Carter Notch. We had a great time.

    19-Mile Brook Trail has been a destination for us, and it did not disappoint. Weeks of heavy rain made the "brook" a thundering river, and the cascades, falls and rapids were spectacular. Some of the falls were as high as 10 feet. The trail is quite easy, and aside from some mud in the lower half (below the turnoff for Carter-Moriah Trail) and some flowing water in the upper half, we had no problem. Saw 3 Carter Notch "croo" members hauling fresh goods into the hut (eggs, vegetables, chicken) and they were definitely getting a workout. Egg Girl blew by us and left us in the dust. The descent to the Carter lakes was steep and surprised us with the beautiful view of the lakes from the trail above.

    Got to the hut and said hello to all the hikers coming and going. It was pretty busy on a Saturday. Gotta admit Carter Hut smells a bit funkier than some of the other huts - must be becasue it's older and so small. The staff were excellent, and while we were eating lunch outside, here comes Egg Girl around the corner of the building wearing nothing but a towel, freshly showered from her morning workout. She told us she hauls groceries twice a week and doesn't really look forward to it too much.

    We hung out for a while, refilled our bottles and headed down. 2:15 in and just under 2 hours back down. Did our traditional finish at the Red Parka Pub in Glen and the Tuckerman's Pale Ale tasted very nice.

    Next year will probably be Greenleaf or maybe Galehead if we get ambitious.

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    Many of the huts are in neat locations or other nice views.
    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    Geez, I never get those kinds of views at the huts...

    Glad you had a fun hike - if you ever go back, be sure to climb the Rampart, the huge rock fall at the far end of the lower lake, for excellent views back to the lakes as well as down into the Wild River valley beyond.

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