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    Quote Originally Posted by riverc0il View Post
    The thing with GSS's post count is if you were to add in all the posts, comments, responses, and new threads that he has generated from other posters based on his original comments, you could add them to GSS's total and he would have more posts than the forum's top three most frequent posters.
    Well in that theory you can add all posts that have ever been made on this forum and threads started to Greg. I mean no body would be here if he didnt start this web sight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkshot99 View Post
    web sight.
    web sight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComeBackMudPuddles View Post
    web sight?

    Is that the same type of thing as four skin??
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    Thumbs up steeze

    Quote Originally Posted by I [Hart] Skiing View Post
    GSS adds a lot here as far as fun and interesting comments. I don't see any flaming or rude comments. Seriously, I don't see what the issue is? So he posts a lot, big deal.

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