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    Quote Originally Posted by severine View Post
    Pshah! You'll get in some skiing before then! Though you're right, probably day trips.
    Well certainly not before the baby is born. I can't chance her going into labor while I'm away. Anyhoo...maybe we should set up some sort of AZ twitter group. We can put where we're skiing. For those with smartphones you can even put your apres ski spot of the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeanoNYC View Post
    The baby is due December 2nd. In reality, I probably won't get away until mid-January. Perhaps a day trip, if I'm lucky.
    Congrats..I didn't know you were having a it your first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeanoNYC View Post
    Would be interesting if we could have individual calendars that we could populate with our planned trips. We could share it with whom we like so we could plan impromptu meet-ups. Kinda like TB wakes up and is decides to go to Sugarbush he checks his calendar which is populated with his friend's plans. See's I'm going to be there. He Gives me a buzz and we meet up for a few turns with SRO and LOSTONE. Almost like an AZ Twitter. (I realize it's a huge undertaking but it's just a brainstorm that popped into my head)
    i really like that idea. you can see who is going to be at what mountain and you may have someone to make turn with. locally it would be fun but it would be really handy for when i am at stowe. i did way to much of my riding solo last year and i would love to have a second so i can do some of the more remote stuff.

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