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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    And you all made fun of me for using this term...
    I'm sure they came up with the name from reading your posts on here....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bvibert View Post
    I'm sure they came up with the name from reading your posts on here....
    Definitely. I'm the only doofus that says that word anymore.... I want some royalties...
    I ski double black diamonds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powbmps View Post
    Volkl Wall Mogul

    (113-65-97 for 155, 160cm, available in 155, 160 & 165 cm. $795)

    Head's Mojo Mogul

    What's special: This ski has been good-to-go since 1991. Using the same mold as the old slalom ski, Head has created one of those gems.
    Umm, from these, I don't believe a word they say. Volkl hasn't updated their site yet, but I'll take Al's Ski Barn's word for it that they haven't changed the Rebellion, and that the sidecut is 89-65-78. And according to Head's website, the Mojo Mogul is based on Moseley's influence, which means that it's closer to the K2 715/Johnny Moseleys than an old slalom ski from 1991 (and looking at my old 715s, I see the resemblance.) And who was making 156cm slalom skis back in 1991?
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    I've got the Hart F17 and I can't wait to get them mounted up, ready to go!
    Building a quiver is just foreplay for snowgasms

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    Sorry for the long awaited delay.

    Yes, the F17 is the cream of the crop mogul ski for this upcoming season. You will have to pay for the privledge to play, they ain't cheap, but they are worth it. Forerunner Ski Shop on the Killington access road will have them.
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    Forerunner Ski Shop on the Killington access road will have them.
    Load them up with 180's and 184's so I can grab a discounted pair next summer .

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    Here's a picture of the Volkl's:


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