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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Why are you guys beating up on yourselves? There will always be guys better than you. Set your own realistic personal goals and be happy when you reach them. Personally, I'm very happy with my progress after 4 months. I'm doing more than I ever thought I would. It seems like I'm settling into being pretty much an XC guy with some "cross stuntery" mixed in. It's apparent that Austin has progressed more than any of us though.
    I'm not beating myself up, I'm just in awe of their abilities. I don't feel like I should be riding like them at this point, hell I don't know if I ever will (or want to, I tend to like a faster pace). I'm happy with my progression thus far.

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    I'm quite content with some good xc single track with a couple log crossings and rollers thrown in,

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    Man, looks like you got some awesome trails in your hood. Love the look of those rock gardens!!

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