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    I can see the other sides of this...

    Perhaps those who are interested in chat could just open up their gmail chat or something and go there when the urge strikes? Just a thought....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
    sorry, I'm going to play devils advocate here...........
    If AZ were to have a chat room, would the content and sense of community of the site dwindle?
    If people are having private discussions about GTG's, gear questions, and other such stuff, it may draw away from some of the great connections that this community thrives on.

    Not accusin, just sayin.
    Adversely, chat might end up filtering out spam. So I doubt any real section of the forum would suffer save for the count to one billion thread and do you pee while you're writing trip reports thread and whatever else is going on these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wintersyndrome View Post
    if AZ had a chat room would GSS ever leave? could chat with your

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    What's with the anti-chat people..the forum will always be the ill shizzle..but chat would also be off the hinges..ya heard!!!

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    Here's a chat room for now. Looks like ran through an IRC server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrilledSteezeSandwich View Post
    I want well..I'm too old for AOL IM..

    Even if the posts on "AZ Chat" didn't add to your post count???
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    Quote Originally Posted by drjeff View Post
    Even if the posts on "AZ Chat" didn't add to your post count???

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    like on another fourum i participate they do sunday night chats on specific day or sumtin

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