Things that upset me


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    Things that upset me

    Things that upset me:

    No snow
    Unanswered emails
    people who hold grudges
    not being allowed to participate in something I value
    over worked and under paid
    a sore shoulder
    someone slamming their door into my new car
    a bad root canal
    the price of gas
    the price of oil
    a broken scanner (not computer)
    internet connectivity issues
    People who contribute things they stole from ebay to my site
    Born to ski, forced to work.
    I\'ve used all of my sick days so I\'m calling in dead.

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    global warming
    people littering
    computer problems

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    Lost a good friend today.


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    sorry to hear that. my thoughts are with you and your friends.

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    My thoughts are with you Stephen.

    The thing that upsets me most is people who complain and offer advice about particular challenges(changes), but don't do anything (physical)to correct said challenges.

    Oh, and long lines at Dunkin Donuts.


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    1. Prisons with amenities (libraries, computers, weight rooms, yada yada).

    2. "Hallmark holidays" (Mothers day, Fathers day, Grandparents day, Valentines day) You wanna give a gift, do it because you love someone.

    3. Commuters driving solo to work in Ford Excursions, Chevy Yukons, Hummers, etc.

    4. Diesel trucks obviously exempt from air pollution standards.

    5. People who blame their lack of parenting skills on modern catch-phrases ("Oh, he just has ADHD...he's hyperactive").

    6. Pancakes without blueberries.

    7. Post-holing.

    My thoughts and sympathies Stephen at the loss of your friend.
    "Never take no cut-offs, and hurry along as fast as you can." Virginia Reed, Donner party survivor

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    My sympathies, Stephen.

    (and what's wrong with tenors? )

    I don't hate long lines at Dunkin Donuts so much as driving there to find the place completely leveled to the ground. Utterly gone. Nothing but dirt and a sign that they're reopening in a month.

    I agree with so many of the posted points. Speaking of a Hallmark holiday, I'd better hit the road...
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    1. Prisons with amenities (libraries, computers, weight rooms, yada yada).
    i disagree with this item. often people forget one of the goals of correctional institutions is reform. throwing someone into a cell and treating someone inhumanely (as much as many crooks deserve such treatment in many peoples' minds) does not reform most convicts. it can turn them into animals that resent society even more and may partially be a reason for the high recitivism rate. while i do not advocate for luxery and comfort at tax payer expense, i think libraries are a very important part of prisons and to not attempt to reform and educate prisoners is the highest waste of tax payer dollars because the prison is not performing one of it's most important functions. anything that helps prisoners regain some lost humanity and job skills is crutial to their reintegration into society. a good movie on this subject is the shawshank redemption, give it a watch. additional information on the subject of books in prisons can be found here (i was trying to volunteer for this organization, but just couldn't fit it in my schedule):

    fwiw, i majored in psych/CJ, and the biggest thing i got outta the CJ program was how to critisize every aspect of the system. the correctional system in our country has been broken for a long long time in my opinion. this is one of the biggest problems with the system (not reforming prisoners into caring and contributing members of society, that is).
    -Steve "Skiing is not a sport, it is a way of life." - Otto Schniebs

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    ungrateful kids

    people who beat women,kids and dogs

    all sales people


    the phrase "i cant"

    people who ski in jeans

    little yappy dogs

    people who think that anything less than an 8 foot bed is really a pickup truck

    anyone who believes they are entitled to anything

    people who live in this country and refuse to speak english

    home depot "there are no hardware stores anymore"

    people who hate winter

    any company that profitted from war in Iraq "good old boy network shit"


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    regarding lifers, despite their being incarcerated for life, giving them some outlet to still be somewhat human may keep them better in line and create less risk for prison personel. you gotta offer these guys something or things are going to get ugly. you put little carrots in front of prisoners to keep them in line. also, it gives prisoner administrators something to take away from the prisoners. if you can't take anything away from someone, what is stopping them from revolting or behaving badly (which is kinda the idea behind rule of law in the first place, the threat of punishment).

    i am not sure of who jeffery curley is, but if he is a life time prisoner for murder which your statements seem to indicate, the huge majority of tax dollars are being spent on prison facilities, personel, food, and utilities. very little are being spent on the small bones being offered to the prisoners to keep them in line.

    [EDIT]: the post i was replying to was deleted.
    -Steve "Skiing is not a sport, it is a way of life." - Otto Schniebs

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