It's the little things in life...


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    It's the little things in life...

    Time for a non-political, non-ranting, positive thread. Use this thread to list all the little things in life that make you smile. I'll start:

    • That first sip of your morning coffee.

      Waking up on a weekend, thinking it's a weekday and you need to get up for work, then realizing it's the weekend...
    I ski double black diamonds.

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    Re: It's the little things in life...

    The billions of stars I see at night now I dont live in a city..
    Picking up my guitar and not having to tune it...
    "Sometimes the rock n roll life is not all rainbows & fairy dust..." - Fake Jerry

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    I love the weekday/weekend confusion.

    Other good things:

    Making nice turns on a pair of skis that you just tuned yourself.

    A nice warm embrace of a loved one.

    Getting to the summit of that mountain just as the clouds lift to reveal a great view.

    Driving along I-93 or 302 and looking up at those high peaks...which seem to get taller everytime you drive by.

    Having a beer with a good friend.

    The blue bird day following a big snowstorm...when everything is white and shining.
    Live, Ski, or Die!

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    My good health
    My family's good health.
    My children.
    Thinking of skiing at Killington tomorrow.
    Seeing the long range forecast calling for sun next Saturday at Mt. Washington.
    Thinking back on a great ski season.

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    Hooking up with JimG and Karl for a chair ride and a run!
    "Sometimes the rock n roll life is not all rainbows & fairy dust..." - Fake Jerry

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    Being on vacation and not knowing what day it is.
    The Drive to the mountains on Fridy nights.
    My kids saying can I come with you?
    Sitting by the waterfall.
    My wife's smile.
    Skiing is my addiction.

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    Looking at my kids when they're asleep
    My wife's smile

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    Cycling the 50-mile Mount Sunapee loop in under 3-hours....
    Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you.

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    Feeling the water rush by my knees...
    Seeing the rise splash the surface..
    Bringing the trout to hand..
    Watching it swim away !

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    waking up in the morning and not needing viagra

    my 19 yr. old son still having a job "13th day in a row"

    my 16 yr. old son still getting 85 to 90's in school

    my wife who has become my best friend "think this may be reserved for second wives not sure"

    ice cold beer on a hot day
    ice cold margaritas on a hot day
    oh hell any day

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