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    Video Embedding Vimeo videos!

    I've enabled the ability to embed Vimeo videos into an AZ post. Vimeo offers significantly better video quality, and processing time is much faster than YouTube. I intend to use Vimeo for all future AZ vids. The post editor now has a Vimeo buttom ( ). The BBcode is [VIMEO] and like with YouTube, you just need to include the video ID.

    For example, for this video:

    ...you would use this BBcode:

    PHP Code:
    ...and this would be displayed:

    Here's the YouTube version using the same video source to compare the quality:

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    And best of all, I can view the Vimeo videos at work, unlike the Utube ones!
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    actually the beauty of vimeo is when you have a high def camera (Greg - put it on your wish list). You have to maximize it to really see how nice it is (mouse over the video, lower right corner)

    Here's an example I just put up a few days ago of my daughters cheer competition. Shot with a JVC GZ-HD3

    Interesting. They won't present is in high def when it's embedded. You have to go to their site to do that. Oh well... (you'll notice when you mouse over it, it says "HD IS OFF". When you click on that, thats when it offers to bring you to their site)

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    Whose the dork saying Orange Blue and White???

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrilledSteezeSandwich View Post
    Whose the dork saying Orange Blue and White???
    that be me!

    They got 1st place cheer and 1st place dance that competition. 9 teams were there for the 8 y/o division.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkiDork View Post
    that be me!

    They got 1st place cheer and 1st place dance that competition. 9 teams were there for the 8 y/o division.

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    Nice! I will have to look into using Vimeo. Just had my Saddleback video completely yanked from YouTube this morning.
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    Wow, that quality is great! Looking forward to using it!

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    The quality and resolution of Vimeo videos puts youboob to shame. Glad to see it's an option on AZ. Thanks Greg!

    To celebrate here's a little HD Snowbird stoke from Vimeo

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    It's funny, I was going to ask you about adding Vimeo the other day, but then I got lazy and forgot.

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