Some of you may have noticed some poor performance lately. also continues to grow and actually reached 80% of its allocated bandwidth for the month of August. I expect traffic to continue to increase over the next few months so as a pre-emptive measure, I've decided to have our great Web host, JaguarPC, move the site to a new semi-dedicated server this weekend.

Currently, this site is hosted on a shared server with up to 249 other Web sites. The server's performance is somewhat at the mercy of the efficiency of all the Website's scripts and programs. If some other Website is running something whacky that hogs server resources, all sites suffer. With a semi-dedicated server, only 10 sites are served from a single server. While there's still a chance of some other rogue Website taking the server down, the risk is significantly less. Additionally, we will get more bandwidth and disk storage which should hold us over through the 2005-06 ski season.

I have scheduled the transfer for this Saturday, 9/3/2005 at midnight. Since there's an IP address change associated with this type of conversion, there will likely be some downtime over the weekend as the DNS entry propogates throughout the Internet. I suspect the site will be fully accessible by Monday. Unfortunately, I will be out of town from Friday until Monday and will have no Internet access so hopefully things will go smoothly. I have the utmost faith in JagPC so I don't foresee any problems. I'll provide an update on Tuesday.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. I expect this conversion will give us better performance and capacity as continues to grow at a very rapid pace.