Whatcha doin' for Labor Day weekend?


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    Whatcha doin' for Labor Day weekend?

    For me and the family, it's the annual Labor Day camping trip at White Lake State Park with three other college buddies and their families. It's cool now that we all have kids. A total of eight adults and seven kids ranging from 7 months to 9 years old (and one in the oven). We'll soon be outnumbered! Heading up Friday for three nights of cooler camping.


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    Nuttin'. My wife and I both forgot it was this weekend.

    We actually do that a lot.
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    Possibly a hike on Sunday, considering a "Half Pemi Loop". In via the Wilderness trail, across the Franconia Ridge, over to Garfield, then a long jog out via 13 Falls.
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    Drinking.. BBQing... Playing guitar... And house stuff..
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    As of right now I don't think we have any plans. I'm sure we'll find a picnic to go to though...

    Sounds like a fun trip Greg. Reminds me of when I was growing up. My Dad's family would all get together for "Christmas in July" at a camp ground in CT, it was great fun!

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    I stated a hiking thread on same topic.
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    House stuff plus some dirt biking sat and monday, Mount snow brewfest sunday

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    Taking the following 4 days off and taking the proverbial "Honey-Do" vacation.

    Also my little girl's 5th B-day and first day of Kindergarten on Wed. That should be a little bittersweet.
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    Saturday: My usual early morning hike/run with the dog. Instead of our usual loop around the lake, we may tackle another section of the Tully Trail.

    Sunday: End of summer cookout at my brother-in-laws. They have one every year and it's a great time. Should be extra nice this year as it is the last day before my nephew heads off for college.

    Monday: Who knows. Maybe a hike up Wachusett or Mt. Grace, or even Monadnock if we're really feeling crazy. Basically a nice decompression day before the next 2 weeks of hell at work.

    Everyone enjoy the weekend. The weather forecast looks awesome so far.

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    Working, slinging veggies at the Castlberry Craft Fair in Topsfield, MA. Can't wait to pluck my big butt down on a stool at the Agawan Diner after the fair closes down for the night.

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