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    Hey Fellow Snowriders,
    I run a small mainly internet based snowmaking business and i am just looking for some feedback on my new site i recently uploaded. I am a college student and run it part time to suppliment the part time job i hold. The web address is http://makesnow0.tripod.com and i am just looking for things like what interests you, what doesn't, what i can improve or make better before i start to advertise for the upcoming home snowmaking season. This is my first time posting on AlpineZone, i am not trying to spam or whatever, i really am just looking for some feedback from some East Coast riders to improve the site as much as possible. Thanks for all your help! You can either reply here with your ideas/suggestions or just use the form on the main page of the site. Thanks again for helping a poor college student out!

    Second Nature Snowmaking

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    Looks like there are other sites too:
    If you want some free plans for a home snow gun:


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    You are quite right, there are plans available on the internet, and they are ok too, the problem is, most of them require lots of compressed air and a pressure washer. Also, most are designed to be built with expensive parts, i estimated the cost of one once and it was near $100 just for the parts! which kills me because they have lots of useless specialty parts. The plans i sell are for a gun that will cost about $25.

    Now you might be saying, now why don't you just put it up on the internet and let us print it off. I actually did this for a while, but i switched to this method for a few reasons...
    1) A lot of parents wanted to know if i had it in "book form" so they could give it as gifts to their kids that liked to snowboard/build stuff or for science projects, etc.
    2) I am a college student and don't have a lot of time to respond to emails and give support to those trying as much as i would like to. The fee helps me be able to take the time off work that i need to in order to respond to all those emails (i got a TON, it really took a lot of time). Doing it this way is the only way to guarantee that i get this support. That way i don't get a lot of hate emails saying they just bought all these parts and now they can't even get it to work cause i don't have the time to help them (believe, me it happens more than you think)
    3) Lots of kids will blow $100 experimenting with online gun plans only to never get it to work cause they don't get any support. Buying something upfront will get them to realize that this is going to cost money and makes them think about it a sec before blowing their allowance. In a way its a protection so kids don't get into something they can't finish because i saw that happen so many times.

    So there you go. I have been making snow at my house for about 8 years now and have found a lot of little tricks that really help make snowmaking a lot easier and simpler and i will do all i can to help people make snow. If you have any questions just email me at greggomatic76@hotmail.com and i will be happy to respond.
    Second Nature Snowmaking

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