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    Nice vid Gary... very sorry I missed it... looked like a great day. First year I can remember that I am somewhat sad to be breaking out the golf clubs.

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    I can't bear to watch... glad you guys had fun, but I'm still pissed that plans that were either out of my control or made 2 weeks prior and couldn't be changed prevented me from being there for Sundown's last day. I only took 3 runs the day of the mogul comp, which means I really haven't skied for 3 weeks and now the season is done for me. Suxorz.
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    Great day and great videos guys!! Truly a great day to end the season!! Cant believe my ski got stuck under that rock while getting on the chair


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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Here's the final Sundown vid of the 2008-09 season. That is until I put together the annual mogul tribute. Anyway, it's still uploading, but here it is. Watch it till the end. Kind of a funny powhunter outake at the end. Classic Steve-O!

    Great way to finish it off!
    Great job on the video Greg! I like the chair lift interviews, you tied them in nicely.

    You and Gary really captured the day well, thanks!

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    Thanks to everyone at Sundown for giving us bumps from day 1 straight through to the end. Wish I could've been there. The vids came out great.

    How many days until opening day 09/10 temptor bumps?

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    nice video..closing days are always really sad..especially when it's so good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by powhunter View Post
    Great day and great videos guys!! Truly a great day to end the season!! Cant believe my ski got stuck under that rock while getting on the chair

    Look at me still clutching the side of the chair while the liftie tries to put it back on for you in Gary's vid.

    Great job on that vid, Gary!
    I ski double black diamonds.

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    Great day yeaterday, fun skiing with all of you guys as usual. Great weather, great bumps, what more can you ask for.

    I will see a majority of the Sundown bump crew on the Mtb trails soon. But for the rest of you guys (that don't ride MTB yet) it was a great season and I look forward to skiing with you all next season.

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    nice videos guys, looked like a great day for last call. no reason to hang up the sticks, still a bunch up north.

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    Not a MTBer, so hope you all have a good summer. Any are always welcome to join me on the links. Also, hoping for at least one VT day. Hoping for SB or Stowe next weekend or the weekend after Easter. Scheduling has also resulted in my losing good friday, when I should have been in sourthern NH. Alas...

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