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    Do you like this new logo?

    I'm trying to design a new logo for Here's what I have so far:

    Image Removed. See logo below.

    Please vote in the poll and if you think there's room for improvement, comment in this thread. I like most of it, but the hiker and skier look a little weird for some reason. If you have logo graphic design experience and think you can help, PM me. Thanks!
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    I like it. So far the only change I would make would be to give the hiker some looser-fitting pants.

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    I like it. Two things and one idea drop out at me...

    Will the orange text still be legible at smaller sizes?

    The head of the skier doesn't look right. The combination of the backpack and the knit cap causes me to lose the shoulders. Perhaps not use a peaked cap?

    Will you have a more compact variation suitable for patches or stickers?
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    I like it Greg.

    Would like to comment but my artistic skills are...well...I have no artistic skills.

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    I think the skier would look better without a backpack. Kind of looks like he's skiing with a kid carrier on his back, complete with kid. And the hat doesn't look right. The peak of his cap makes him look like a refugee from "da 'hood".

    Otherwise I feel like Jaytrek...kind of like I'm in the Louvre and wondering where the paint-by-numbers exhibit is.

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    New Logo

    I am the last person to comment on artistic skills, and I am constantly impressed by Greg and others who maintain and improve these boards (nice job!). Still - I can't help but think the mountain in the new logo is a dead ringer for the Sugarloaf stickers you see everywhere.......

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    Some great feedback. Thanks everyone. It has help a lot. I've worked up a new prototype and incorporated many of your suggestions including:
    • Gave our hiker some looser-fitting pants
    • Fixed our skier's head a bit
    • Axed our skier's backpack
    • Modified the peak to be less Sugarloaf-esque.

    Here's the latest (sorry if you have to scroll; the image is pretty big):

    Let me know what you think! Additional comments are more than welcome.

    MichaelJ - do you think people will be interested in patches or stickers or tee-shirts? I might consider setting something up through this site:
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    This is not Rich, its Diane.
    A logo should be simple so it will translate well onto t-shirts, letter head etc... One of the most sucessful logos is the Nike chech mark..simple and effective
    I like just the twined peaked mountain without the orange figures, maybe with the white line going downhill so it looks like a trail or Z for zone. The figures do not look in proportion.
    I like the idea of having a t-shirt.

    Its snowing in Sugar Hill.................yeah!

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    I completely agree with Diane. The second version looks better and is more eye appealing. Wonder how it would look w/o the figures. __________________
    T-shirts from this site would be great!

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    Thanks Diane and Magic. I agree. My goal all along was to create a logo that is simple and clean, which I think the peak is. I also wanted to somehow incorporate the the site's topics, namely skiing and hiking; thus our little orange friends. So...try dropping them, eh? Hmm. So just the double peak could become the logo? How about a triple peak with two smaller ones flanking a larger middle one? Any other comments or ideas?

    Cafepress offers a lot of items in addition to T-shirts like bumper stickers, those trendy oval stickers, mugs, mouse pads, etc. Their T's are those nice Hanes Beefy-Tees. Anyway, when I get a logo finalized, I'll order a few items to check the quality of the products and the printing. Is anyone else interested in AlpineZone merchandise?
    I ski double black diamonds.

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