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    Hike'n Mike
    After returning from my latest backpacking trip this week, I decided to pare down my pack a little. I figured I'd remove the things I never use on the trail but have been reluctant to leave behind (for fear I may need it some day) . Here is the list of things I eliminated:
    • AMC White Mountain Guide (big 26th. ed.)
    • 100 oz. Camelbak (which leaked anyway)
    • Binoculars
    • 2 neoprene knee braces
    • Folding saw
    • One of two Swiss Army knives
    • Two of the three pans from my cook kit
    • Pillowcase
    • Nifty ol' orange whistle, compass, match case combo.
    • Small stainless match safe
    • Coleman folding multi-tool (cheap leatherman imitation)
    • DeLorme Map & Guide to the White Mountains
    • Third pair of wool socks
    • Small battery operated shaver
    • Small Brut stick deodorant and Aqua Velva after shave
    • Extra fuel bottle for stove (never used more than half a bottle on any one trip)
    • Plastic ground cloth for tent
    • Cell phone (limited service area anyway)

    That's it for now. I only hope I have the courage to leave all this stuff behind next time I head out. We'll see.

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    95% of that stuff has never seen my pack.
    I don't think you'll suffer too much without it.

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    I leave the WMG behind, but photocopy the could of pages i might want on the trail...

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    As Fall begins on Sunday. I'll be adding things to my pack. For above treeline trips, the wind-bloc fleece vest will be back & Gore-tex pants are back in for White Mt. trips. (Or ADKS)

    I'd have left the whistle & compass in the pack unless in a very familar spot. I've added my whistle to my keychain along with a small keychain flashlight. (the type designed to help you find the keyhole in the door but also useful at night to find headlamp.) The compass weighs very little & since I don't carry a phone, if lost the compass is the way out.

    I don't pack the WMG or page copies as I read, read, read, read & read the trip & nearby trails before hand. (I'm also pretty familar with the area & have a good memory for numbers. For those not that familar, photocopies are the lighter way to go.)

    As checking the map in a rain or snowstorm with 60 MPH winds is almost impossible, I fold the map & place it in a zip-loc bag so if needed, I don't have to fuss with folding & refolding out on the trail.

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    On 2001-08-25 19:29, Hike'n Mike wrote:
    • Nifty ol' orange whistle, compass, match case combo.
    Wow! I think I have the exact same orange whistle combo thing! Does it have a little flint on the side? My brother gave it to me and I've been hiking with it since I was 13. It always goes with me. It doesn't weigh much and has sorta become a good luck charm...
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