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    Quote Originally Posted by GrilledSteezeSandwich View Post
    I live less than 10 miles away..
    Was there this past Saturday for the bike flea market and swap. Nice setup they have. Didn't find anything at the swap though as I couldn't get there until around 10:30 and everything I was looking for was picked over already...

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    unless this is mtb I don't see how NH can be ahead of CA in any way. I don't think there is a single bike lane in this state. Curvy two land highways with little to no shoulder, the accumlation of debris on the shoulder, .... I ain't buying it.

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    I'm not sure what goes into ranking a state for bike friendliness, but I have ridden in Montana on two separate occasions. I can't imagine why they are listed as number 49. There's nobody there! There is no way you could have a problem with Montana traffic, because there isn't any!

    And Wyoming is number 11? I've ridden there too. The only difference between riding in Montana and Wyoming is that the wind blasts mercilessly in Wyoming, and you occasionally don't have a headwind in Montana.
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    Looks like the ranking is determined by scoring the answers to their questionnaire. There's some additional criteria mentioned here: http://www.bikeleague.org/programs/b...tate/apply.php. Looks like they try to get the bicycle coordinator for each state to fill out the questionnaire, if they don't then the League of American Bicyclists will fill it out to the best of their knowledge...


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