Who Is Hitting The Slopes Over Thanksgiving Weekend?


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    Who Is Hitting The Slopes Over Thanksgiving Weekend?

    I should be starting my season Friday at Wachusett. Wednesday is just a day off, Thursday is football and turkey, Friday is skiing, Saturday is work, and Sunday is Quincy Christmas Parade. Knowing my luck, it'll snow Friday night, but once the Monday after rolls around, I'll be at Wachusett plenty of weeknights.

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    Yep, I plan to go to Wachusett on Friday as well. Well, if their open. I have hopes for them, The weather looks like it is getting colder, and the three days before it opens, the lows are going to be perfect for snowmaking, and the highs will be 38 at most, which is about freezing, so the snow won't melt too much during the day.

    Other than that im doing nothing at all...
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    i'm going to sunapee i hope they open when they say they will

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    Maybe wildcat, if I dont fail my road test, and my parents let me go.

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    belleayre on the 26th for their rail jam. im gonna be taping some PASR guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awf170
    Maybe wildcat, if I dont fail my road test, and my parents let me go.
    Good luck man, I passed mine a couple months ago. This will be my first season with a license...I'm psyched!

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    I'll be in Warsaw on Thanksgiving. Don't you guys track up all the snow before I gete back.
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    Cannon or Sunapee for me on Friday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss
    Cannon or Sunapee for me on Friday.
    I remember checking Sunapee last year around the same time...when they first opened, they had a couple of top to bottom runs on their intermediate slopes but that's about it.

    The good thing is that the lift ticket prices were reduced.

    I'd actually like to see Crotched open up with a few trails by next Friday, but unless we get a good cold stretch I don't see that happening...

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    Wed through Sunday. Mostly Loon I think.
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