Lynn Woods 8-2-09


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    Camera Lynn Woods 8-2-09

    mr.evil can write something up if he likes. I post pictures, he does the write up. Seems fair to me...

    mr.evil on his first of many attempts at a tricky and awkward feature:

    A top-down view of mr.evil in the same spot:

    Me showing off some mad levitation skills (I probably got double as high my first attempt but sadly the camera wasn't out) :

    mr.evil doing a very short but steep roller:

    Me rolling into a roller:

    mr.evil on a roller:

    Me getting ready to drop:

    My shirt is very orange...

    mr.evil on the last roller of the day:

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    Quote Originally Posted by awf170 View Post

    Me rolling into a roller:
    I am so upset with myself for wussing out on this roller. I wasn't even that steep, and had a decent transition. There was just something about it that got in my head.

    Anyway, great riding with you Austin, you are a freakin beast on a bike. We only did about 5 miles, but it was far and away the most technical ride in my life. So far nothing else have done even comes close. Every part of my body is sore, I am going to chill out with a couple of beers and some advil for a bit, and then write something up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awf170 View Post

    mr.evil doing a very short but steep roller:

    mr.evil on the last roller of the day:
    both of these rollers are MUCH steeper than the camera makes them out to be.

    Hmmmm Beer

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    Nice report and pics!!!!! Nice aggressive riding Tim!!! Austin...Your just FN crazy on the boards or on the bike!!!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by powhunter View Post
    Austin...Your just FN crazy on the boards or on the bike!!!!!!

    You have no idea! we didn't even take picture of the crazier stuff he rolled and dropped. We need to invent a new work to describe the riding at this place, becuase 'technical' doesn't do it justice.

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    Great Stuff Guys!!
    "If you ride your bike everyday...... Your going to be a better rider!"

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    mr.evil on a roller:

    Awesome pic!!!

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    So we have all seen the picture of Austin and his friends riding Lynn Woods and we knew that the place has some crazy rollers and drops. If your like me, you assumed that the place was similar to our techy trails around here, just with some cool features to session. My own personal vision of what Lynn Woods was going to be like is a place similar to Case Mt. You know, fairly rocky trails with a large roller or drop every now and then. I couldn’t have been more wrong. What you don’t get from the pictures, is that after the big roller is another big roller 20 feet away. Then a drop, then another roller, the a crazy short rock ledge climb with several 18” high steps to ride up, then a drop, then some really crazy steep rock wall you have to ride up, then down. Then repeat that sequence for 5 or so miles. The P-paths were even hard as hell. The place is freaking relentless and totally demoralizing…..and I loved it! Seriously, this place is not for the faint of heart. We ran into a guy on the trails that was new to the area. He had just moved to Boston from Arizona and was scoping out the local riding spots. Said he like flowy single track, and had no idea what he was getting into at Lynn Woods. He seemed pretty miserable and was asking us the quickest way out.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I have always been really impressed with the pictures Austin has posted of him dropping and rolling crazy shit. Even after witnessing that stuff first hand today, it was not nearly as impressive as the stuff I watched him ride up. After every crazy roller / drop there was an equally crazy up, and Austin rode up these things like there were nothing. FWIW I had to hike 75% of these climbs. I have never spent so much time walking my bike. Here is how these climbs would go for me. Wow, Austin made that look easy, guess I will take that line too. I ride up the steep jagged rock face, get almost to the top where I am presented with a 24” step I somehow need to ride my bike up even though I am already on a 60 degree rock face. So I give it a go, fail, jump off my bike and watch my bike summersault down the rock face.

    While it may sound trivial, one of the biggest things for me to over come was adapting my riding style to the terrain. Everything required that you pedal out of the saddle in a large ring. If you tried to sit and spin any of the climbs you had no chance and around every corner was some feature that you need the big ring to power up. Once I adapted to standing I began climbing a little better. By better I mean that I would occasionally make it up things, or bail further up than before. All that standing was really tiring only made worse by the insane amount of upper body strength needed to maneuver up and down all this stuff.

    So my advice to anyone that wants to become a REALLY good MTB’r is this. Move to the Boston area and ride Lynn Woods 2 days a week for the summer. After 3 months you will be a freaking animal on a bike and will be able to ride anywhere. I will defiantly be heading back out to ride Lynn Woods with Austin again and a couple times a year for the foreseeable future. Though next time with a full face helmet and maybe even some elbow pads. I think we are planning for mid to late September.

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    Looks like a good ride guys, nice work with the pictures!

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    You guys are freaking insane!!! Nice job!
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