8/17 Kingdom Trails, East Burke, Vermont


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    8/17 Kingdom Trails, East Burke, Vermont

    I had a blast at Kingdom Trails in Vermont last week during the heat wave. It should be superb now with cooler temps - although plunging ourselves in the river three times in a day wasn't so hard to deal with! The network was 100 percent open and very little mud. If you haven't been, you gotta go. Camping, inns and motels are local options for a place to lay your head down. Always tasty to have a pizza from Bailey's & Burke at a picnic table after riding. And a swim.

    I posted a trip recap and some photos at my blog at http://www.skimaven.com/post/summert...ingdom-trails/

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    I will be in the area next weekend, was thinking of a day trip over there..

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    How long will they stay open? I think this would be the perfect place to go on an epic length ride sometime in September or October... if it's still open then...

    Did you do anything on Burke?

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