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    R.I.P. Levon

    I always loved this song in particular. The story of the "Grand Derangement"- how the Cajuns came to Louisiana after being expelled from what is now Canada in the 1700s. A sad, sad story.

    Acadian driftwood, gypsy tailwind
    They call my home the land of snow
    Canadian cold front movin' in
    What a way to ride, oh what a way to go.

    Two-hundred fifty years later: "On December 9, 2003, Queen Elizabeth II signed the Royal Proclamation acknowledging the wrongs committed against the Acadian people in the name of the Crown and establishing a 'Day of Commemoration' on July 28th of each year."

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    Acadian Driftwood is my favorite tune by The Band.

    It exemplifies what I think is so great about their music; no band has told history through their songs better.
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    Saw them at SPAC circa 1973, their movie in Laramie, Wy circa 1976. Unique sound would be an understatement.

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    9,330 this from one of the great music venue in Brooklyn pretty much sums up why Levon was always will be loved by many

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    one of my all time favorite bands-- the band, poco ,flying burrito brothers just great music

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    9,330 Bump, really good thing that Phil Lesh did the other night.

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