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    John Muir Trail Pics

    Howdy, folks! For those of you interested in hiking the John Muir Trail, I hiked it this last summer and it is a spectacular trail! I took zillions of photos and uploaded quite a few (and I'm still scanning and uploading more every few days), so if anyone is interested in seeing the sights of the JMT, follow the link! Thanks, and happy trails!

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    Great photographs! Do they make any punctuation marks stronger than the exclamation point? Almost every shot is a masterpiece. I love the panoramas and the waterfall/rainbow shots. It seems there are some great photographers on this board--perfect learning environment.

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    My jaw is still on the floor. As if the JMT wasn't enough on its own, your photos are *incredible*. I'm floored at just how stunning they are, from the colors to the excellent compositions. I'm assuming you used a polarized filter ... any other interesting touches?

    This does it - I'm hauling the SLR out of retirement next spring and loading it up with Fuji Velvia.
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    Thanks for the kind words! I just let the scenery do the work, you can't take a bad pic on this trail! As for camera gear, I used a Canon Elan 7 and shot with Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. I also hauled a lightweight tripod with me which I used for the low-light shots. As for filters, I only used them when needed, but the most useful filters for me are the graduated neutral density filters. I carried four Galen Rowell /Singh-Ray GND's, both in 2 stop and 3 stop version, both hard and soft. They help greatly by allowing me to balance the lighting conditions. I also carried a Moose warming polarizer. I carried two lenses... an ultra wide angle Canon 17-40mm and a Canon 70-200. It was extra weight carrying this stuff, but since I love photography, it was worth it. On each of the photos in the album you can see the stats of what was used for each photo. Like I always say, I'm not a great photographer, I just go to great places! Thanks again!

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    Thanks Buck!

    Awesome pictures, incredible trail...I would definitely hike it again!

    Now which one to borrow for my desktop...hmm...

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