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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJay View Post
    You should be happy, Millstone is in 2nd place!

    I do understand that most "riders" won't be riding much of these because there are way more better trails out there... but thinking from the "tourism-standpoint", don't you think it's fair to point these 10 outs?

    hey, it will keep the queebs away from Stowe!
    I take no responsibility for the trails at Millstone....lots of other folks hard work there and I am happy for Pierre. And I see your point.
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    I have never ridden at any of the areas on that list, but I am glad it doesn't include Lynn Woods. I love Lynn Woods. Keep it off the radar of those that would be looking on Boston.com for riding spots!

    Vietnam gets enough traffic now due to the NEMBA trails back in there. I used to ride there all the time growing up in that area and there is a lot of fun sections back in there. From the few times I have been there in the past year or two the large amount of traffic on the non-NEMBA trails seems to be slowly taking its toll on the trails. (I am not a fan of the man made obstacles in the woods at Vietnam, it just makes it seem tacky to me, but that's a completely different topic!) Also I was also shot by some redneck hunter back in November of 2006 around 12noon ...so I don't go there too often anymore. You have to be a pretty incompetent hunter to 1) shoot with out knowing exactly what you are shooting at and what is behind it, 2) shooting within 100 feet of interstate 495, 3) not able to see/hear a kid on a mountain bike with a bright yellow shirt on screaming "WTF are you doing?!".

    So in conclusion I am glad Boston.com is clueless and did not list two of the best riding spots in the Greater Boston area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR. evil View Post
    what a crock of #$&* that list is. Its obvious that who ever put that list together is a spandex clad XC rider that doesnt like technical riding. The obvious glaring omissions are:

    Lynn Woods, Ma
    Holyoke Range State Forest, Ma
    Vietnam, Ma
    Case Mt, Ct
    DAR St Forest, Ma
    Highland Bike Park, NH
    Mt Snow, VT

    The only spot on that list I have not ridden is Vietnam, and I am hoping to change that soon.
    I think you'd be surprised at how technically proficient most good XC racers are. It sounds more to me like their list is more a product of families getting into the sport and occasional weekend warriers.

    There are so few "spandex clad XC riders" that don't like technical riding I don't think they have enough pull to influence a list like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    It sounds more to me like their list is more a product of families getting into the sport and occasional weekend warriers.
    I agree... I bet the places listed in the article have more user friendly trails in general than where most of us ride. I mean that in terms of not only challenging the terrain is, but parking, signage, and accurate maps. I know they have maps for Vietnam and Lynn Woods, for example, but good luck following them with all the little side trails and unmarked trails.

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