'09 damage report


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    '09 damage report

    Okay, granted there's still some good riding to be had before the snow sliding season starts, but with snowmaking having started in the Northeast, many of us will be putting the mtb away for the winter quite soon. So lets start what I'll call the damage report (I'm talking bike damage, not things like Grassi's Broken a$$ damage )

    My '09 damage:

    - 2 pedals
    - 1 rear derailleur mounting bracket
    - 1 rear tire sidewall blowout
    - 1 bent rear rim
    - 4 or 5 tubes

    Not bad for my 1st season, especially considering I didn't get the bike until July 4th week!

    Had the sidewall blowout actually today, about 1/3mile into my ride. Literally sounded like somebody fired a shotgun just behind me I kind of suspected something wasn't right since my night ride when I blew the rear tube in a rock garden and things just didn't feel right after that. When I got a good look today at the tire after the blowout, I could see that almost 1/3 of the circumference of the sidewall was down to, if not all the way through the cord under the rubber and that the rim was slightly bent Bike's in the shop now for a couple of days to get the rim trued, a new tire for the rear and a general tune up. Even check out a new Kona 2010 Dawg they had in the LBS - gotta start dropping b-day/x-mas gift hints to my wife
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    1 snapped frame
    10 or so broken spokes
    1 busted chain quick link
    3 or 4 ripped tire sidewalls
    several pinch flatted tubes

    I think that's it. Aside from the frame not too bad.

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    1 tire, handfull of tubes, 1 spoke.
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    Definitely broke my share of stuff this year.

    Taco'd one rear wheel
    Blown rear hub on another wheel
    One saddle
    One rear tire
    One set of pedals
    A couple of tubes
    One chain
    And a few spokes

    Regardless, the bike made out pretty good compared to my body, especially at the beginning of the year! LOL!

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    After 1100+ miles things break...I certainly had my share this year! 2 free hub bodies on my rear wheels (two separate wheel sets), broken spoke, busted pedals, new drivetrain (including front rings), new grips, 2 flats, one slit tire, 2 broken cyclo computers, 3 or 4 bushings for the rear suspension, 3 new sets of tires (1 for backup bike, 1 for just in case and 1 on my rig)...

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    One severely bruised patella, deep gash, plus a knee swollen up like a grapefruit. Wooot.

    Hopefully the gaddamn thing will be better by next week.
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    Didn't ride as much as planned. Just a few tubes, and the pedals, while still functioning, need to be replaced in the off season.
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    rear derailleur
    bent rim
    3 or 4 tubes
    3 tires
    2 sets of brake pads

    I haven't replaced them but they tell me I need a new chain, crankset and freewheel. That money instead is going towards my new bike.

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    This season's tally:

    8 to 10 spokes

    4 or 5 tubes

    2 chains

    A small and middle ring

    A cat eye battery

    A pair of gloves

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