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    A note about our moderators

    I'd just wanted to quickly chime in here about something. There have been a few instances of folks "calling out" or otherwise publicly questioning decisions made by a moderator. Our moderators, at times, truly have a thankless job. In the 7+ years that I've been running this forum, I've learned that you simply cannot please everyone. The best we can do is to try to diffuse situations in a reasonable manner, hopefully for the "greater good" of the community. We have a private forum that is used to discuss issues that come up before any action is taken. Most of the time, if a post is locked, edited or deleted, and certainly in the instance that a member is banned, it's only after we have discussed it at great length and a majority of the moderators are in agreement. So please do not single out a moderator publicly if you have a problem with how something's been handled. More often than not, the whole mod team is on board with the decision. If you truly need to address an issue about the moderating here, please contact any moderator or me directly via private message to discuss.

    This forum has been criticised for being over-moderated. I strongly disagree. The fact is very few posts are deleted or edited. The signal to noise ratio here is naturally low, mostly due to our great members that have set a precedence for quality discussion, not over-moderation. Thank you all for your support!

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