$2,000 helmet...talk about bling


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    $2,000 helmet...talk about bling

    "Easy on the eyes, hard on the wallet; that was a $2,000 helmet sparkling at the SIA Snow Show
    By Martin Griff
    February 01, 2010, 3:54AM
    For those with a spare-no-expense kind of noggin, Ice Couture owner Dareece Saca has got you covered. The Sacramento, Calif. based designer was at the Snowsports Industries America Snow Show in Denver January 28-31 exhibiting her handcrafted beaded helmets to industry buyers. The helmets with design patterns are made with Czech and Korean crystals. They start at $220.
    She also designs and sells helmets made with Swarovski crystal. The price? A mere two grand.
    The Swarovski helmets are made without a pattern design because the crystal’s sparkle enough to stand on their own. It is quite a sight on the mountain when the sun hits them, Dareece explained. One helmet takes about 40 hours to make. Dareece used to make them herself, but now the work is done in China. Only 10 of the Swarovskis are being made now. Ice Couture helmet liners are available in fur, velvet and dryfit."

    Click here to see pics: http://blog.nj.com/skiing/2010/02/ea..._on_the_w.html

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    I'll bet they can't keep em in stock at Aspen!
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    Smart business move. If Gucci can sell $1500 hand bags, surely some will pony up major dough for a 2G designer brain bucket

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    Wow, that helmet is, in no way, very very gay.

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    ..and one wears the helmet in the shower...with their $8k? shower-curtain, or something like that..?..lol

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