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    I think I have got it!
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    2010-02-10 Bretton woods and Mt. Washington Resort

    This was a trip we had been anticipating for quite some time. Jeannette has been participating in the car pool program at her work. Every now and then, they have door prizes for those who partake, and she was lucky enough to have been drawn for the overnight stay at the Mt. Washington Resort. When she told me about it, we both immediately thought; let’s do a winter mid week overnighter and ski at Bretton Woods! We scheduled it to arrive on Tuesday, and depart Wednesday, in the middle of winter, so as to hopefully get some real good skiing! We arrived early at Bretton Woods, and booted up. We went out early to the lifts, as some of the locals mentioned that they open up a little early sometimes! Sure enough, we out skiing right away! There is fresh powder all over, perhaps 3-4 inches worth, really light and soft. At first, we are a little apprehensive, as deep virgin powder has proven tough for us, but not this stuff. It is so light that it is very easy to ski! So we are now torn, do we ride in the fresh corduroy (we are following the groomers all over as they finish up grooming), or do we play in this deep un-groomed powder that is also so much fun???? Decisions such as this are hard, eh? We end up doing a little of both. We are skiing all over the mountain. The layout of the lifts at BW are just awesome. Someone put a good deal of foresight into this. Essentially, there are 4 high speed detachable quads, and they each essentially cover one fourth of the resort. Spreading out the skiers and providing real good terrain coverage. It is never crowded anywhere. Most trails here are a little tamer than what would see at the steeps at other popular resorts, which makes for some great cruising all over. They do have some steeps, Bode’s run and McIntyre’s are a couple of our favorites for those. With all this fresh powder, we are hitting the bumps and the trees, doing pretty well and hopping in and out of them with abandon. Later, I am cruising down a trail, and am looking ahead to see if I can ski into a bump line, across the trail ahead of me. I ski over and un-groomed “V” of powder, not noticing that it is a series of quick bumps that kids love to play on. I hit them at pretty good speed, and leave my skis behind! I am EJECTED!!! And head out across the trail on my right shoulder. Fortunately, that shoulder has carried plenty of lumber and is plenty capable of taking the ride, which really was more of a glancing blow since I was moving pretty good. I go back and get my skis, and head on down to the lift. We return to that line of bumps I was looking at, and I tackle them. I wipe out on them, almost doing a 360. Oh well. Next run, I look at more bumps and hit them, then realize that I have done so many bumps, there is no more spring left in my legs. About 2-ish, we call it, looking forward to enjoying the resort a bit that afternoon and evening. Our legs were rubber anyways. So we head over to the resort and check in. It is quick and easy, the staff being entirely pleasant and seemed a genuinely happy lot. This place is nice form the outset! As we are settling in and I am reading the resort calendar of events, I see there is a hotel tour, scheduled for 3:00! We quickly change out of our ski wear and attend this tour. About the Mt. Washington Resort: This resort was built by Stickney, a coal and Railroad baron, who made quite a bit of money in that business. It was to be one of the Grand resorts from the hey day of the resort business, when the wealthy would come from all over the world and stay the Summer. Back in the early 20th century, he charged $20.00 per head for an overnight stay, and had no trouble keeping the resort full. It had every modern convenience, sprinkler systems, electricity, steam heat, bathrooms in every room, etc…. It was opulently furnished. Some of the high back chairs in the dining room and the original Tiffany glass are still present and in use. As maintenance is required, this resort has always stuck to restoration as opposed to replacement. At one time, during the 80’s the resort went bankrupt and the US government ended up owning it. They repaired the damaged roof and rooms and prepared it for sale. At the end of the repairs, each worker was given 50 gallons of white paint, and if it didn’t move, it got painted, including the brass and crystal chandeliers and solid mahogany doors. Everything! They have been restoring the entire resort, as near as possible to original colors and stripping off the white paint inside. Some original colors remain, and it is quite a sight. After the tour, we head for the outdoor pool. We change in the room and walk on down. It is a long winding walkway, which is fine as we are dry. But when we finish swimming, it’ll be a real long walk back. There is a changing room at the pool. Better to change there and dry up. It is well stocked with towels and up to the normal standards that this resorts holds itself up to. I did get a few sunset pictures while we were there. Back inside, we decide to hit the hot tub. It is hot, indeed. We try to hop in the pool, but the temperature difference is too much. So, it’s back into the hot tub. We head to the room and shower up, then dress for dinner. We dress up to the nines. I am putting on the suit I married her in, and I need that belt to keep my pants up! I am sure our amigo Tomas would not be eating here! Here’s the thing. You know it’s gonna be expensive here. We packed lunches for skiing on the mountain. Breakfast was included in the stay, but what about dinner? We considered packing the work microwave and loading up some microwave meals for dinner. Just before we left, I got a call from my accountant. Seems that since I paid taxes based upon a good year, and last year was the pits, we had a sizable return coming back. So just before we leave, I tell Jeannette that we can afford to eat one meal there. It’s a once in life time chance for us. We never did see the prices until we sat down to eat. I did mention this would be expensive, didn’t I? It was a four course meal, with exceptional service. We had salads, Jeannette had wine, there was bread, of course, and veggies, and the main course, filet mignon and shrimp for me, roasted scallops and little neck clams for her. We couldn’t do dessert, just too full. We are wondering how many faux paus we committed at dinner. The busboy brought over a bowl of bread and offered some to us. At first, I thought he might just leave the bowl, then he was asking us our preference. After a couple moments, I reached right into the bowl and grabbed one. Then he took the tongs and served Jeannette a piece….. We probably ate the food with the wrong fork, and didn’t place the silverware properly… This was high fashion. Oh yeah, the total on this meal: close to $150 for a single meal. We won’t do that again, fer sure! But it was nice for one night. We head back around the resort while dressed up, looking for photo opportunities. Finally, we find a good setting and get the bellhop to shoot a few for us. We are bushed, so it’s off to bed, with thoughts of skiing tomorrow!

    Wednesday morning, we are up and showered and packing. When we head down to breakfast, we take several bags down to the car, then head to breakfast, buffet style. Mt. Washington is not cloud covered this morning, which is a rarity. I shoot a few more pictures. We amble on over to the spa, which isn’t open yet, but they offer us a tour, which we accept. This is really world class. Then we check out and head to the ski mountain. Skiing today is noticeably more crowded in the parking lot. Oh well, I trade in my vouchers for two lift tickets. I was to later learn that this was two for Wednesday. If I had even an idea of that, I would have bought two tickets for $68.00, instead of cashing in two $60 vouchers, and we would have had another trip to Bretton Woods later in the season on a weekend. Oh well….. Skiing was not to disappoint today. Our quads are still feeling it from yesterday, so we avoid the bumps and instead head over to the left side of the mountain where the steeper runs are. We hit Bode’s run a couple times, McIntyre’s a few times and several other nearby trails. We hadn’t found some of these trails yesterday, so we ski them up good. One of the lifts goes down for an hour, so we head out of there and ski the right side of the mountain for a while. Granny’s grit was an underused trail that meandered thru the woods and was just a pleasant run. About 3:00 we are done and head on home, well satisfied and grateful from the two day trip to a resort and hotel that we may never be able to afford again.
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    A few more pics:

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    Well, I think I've got it!

    Thanx all. Now, about those smileys....
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