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    A few hiking ideas




    Catskills Escarpment Trail

    My favorite trail in north East East is Adirondacks Mt Marcy Dam to Avalanche Lake. Camp on other side of Avalanche lake. From there you can hike up a number of high peaks including Mt Marcy. A Black bear proof food container is required in the Dacks.

    Black bears are getting a lot more prevalent in the Catskills. That said I have never had a problem with bears taking my food in the Catskills.

    Have fun!

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    Not exactly "near" New York City. But the closest to Half Dome in the east is Mt Washington! Both in terms of difficulty and beauty.

    The Adironack is also very very nice. But there're TREES! Western hikers got really fustrated when they walk for hours not seeing anything but dense trees. MW is above treeline so the last part of the hike is spetacular. When your legs are calling it quits and your lungs are about to burst, you have a good excuse to rest a bit by taking yet another photo break!

    By the way, don't make the mistake my buddy from San Francisco made. They decided 4000' was too tame for their frequent 5000' legs. Well, the eastern trails are a lot steeper than the western ones. (Eastern trail makers don't seem to believe in switchbacks, trails just go straight up steep hillsides, hands and knees fair game and all!) They couldn't move for 2 days after their 5500' loop in wet muddy condition!

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