Western Mass / Southern VT Trip


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    Western Mass / Southern VT Trip

    I'm looking for a solo two night trip in either Western Mass or Southern VT. I'm trying not to drive too far from home. Any suggestions?

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    Where do you live and what are your objectives? Is this a summer, winter, spring, fall trip?

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    Live in CT. Trip will probably be in late summer early fall. Just looking to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Would like something with some great views.

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    goddard mt, VT

    you can do a loop hike from rt 9 on the LT

    day 1 to the shelter, hike the tower, great views south to greylock, north into VT

    head out south on another return trail

    its beena while but I think mileage was around 10 each way

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    The Mohawk Trail area near Berkshire East is beautiful. The gorge west of the area has very pretty terrain. The drive north is very nice as well..and you can then end up near Rt. 9 and Molly Start Trail and the State park by the same name is a pretty little place with some nice short hikes.

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    You can do some nice loop hikes on Mt. Greylock that start and end in The Hopper on the western (Route 7) side, or else at Wilbur Clearing on the AT on the northern end of the Greylock range.

    For a longer hike, start down on Route 2 in Blackinton (b/w Williamstown and N. Adams.)


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    I spent 3 days in a pretty basic b&b in Rowe Mass over the July 4th weekend, dayhiking. Mostly lowlands, so if you idea of "views" are the peaks, a-la 4000-footers, don't know. I did a lot of waterfalls, brooks and river hiking. The whole Deerfield river stretch is pretty cool. Dunbar Brook has primitive campsites and a couple lean-tos that don't get much traffic. It's not "organized" per-se, campsites are a mile or two from the trailhead. There's a nice outlook in Monroe off of Spruce Mountain, not far from the campsites. Most of the verticals are not much more than 2000 feet, it gives you lots of time to chill.

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