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    Race Carver

    So, thought about it last year, and shopped around, but didn't have the budget. This year I may-- thinking race carver for cruising days. Quiver has the bump boards and a soft, but fairly versatile, short radius ski (Fischer RX6) for skiing with the kids. Need something with some spine as I continue to get my old ski legs back, and maybe dabble in Nastar or beer league racing to try and work on my carving. haven't demoed, and have limited opportunities, so looking at skis with the best overall reviews-- they apepar to be the Blizzard GSR, Volkl Racetiger RC, and Fischer (whatever the non-stock GS ski is- can't remember at the moment).

    Any first hand thoughts (other than the obvious chant to demo first)?

    And no, I don't think I want an all mountain ski-- although some hybrids seem appealing- Bliz. CMX pro, etc.

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    I like my Fischer Progressor 9. It's my Nastar ski.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wa-loaf View Post
    I like my Fischer Progressor 9. It's my Nastar ski.

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    Can't go wrong with Head Supershapes. Won most of the events are the Olympics. And my ski of choice for "Go Fast" moments.
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    Pretty much any of the non-race stock GS skis should fit the bill.

    I ski on the Atomic's and love them.
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    Hadn't considered the Heads-- but had heard a lot of good things about Fischer progressor 9's--will probably come down to the best deal I can find- which will rule out the blizzards- as price is paramount for a ski that will probably be used the least of my boards.

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