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    Good News: I found them.

    Bad News: Not 58's...They're 50's sorry. What kind of new ride did you get?

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    argh!!! no worres, guess i have have to return that 4pack...or, maybe i wont

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    Yep....I'm a dick.

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    Some pretty cheap on Ebay. $21.99 + $12.22 S&H, no bids with 13+hrs left. The seller has 4 pairs up for auction and none of them have any bids. The seller is also in CT so maybe you could contact them and negotiate cheaper shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeanoNYC View Post
    I didn't like the full rack on my outback Jens. It sits too high and whistles like a tea kettle. That's why I have the bars to spare.
    Just get an irregular surface made....ie wind narrow band of cloth around the bars = will stop the "hum".

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    the 55"s fit just fine...thx


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