"Antique" Double Chairs for sale, $200


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    "Antique" Double Chairs for sale, $200

    Butternut Ski Area in Western Mass is selling double chairs for $200. See below for details.
    I picked up one from Magic (they are still selling completed swings with a heavy duty 4x4 frame for $500). Read on.

    I hate it when they call the chairs I used to ride "Antique"


    Antique chairlift chairs now available for collectors from Ski Butternut
    Retired 48 to 50+ year old chairlift’s double chairs now available to
    skiing enthusiasts and collectors alike.

    For those interested in having a unique piece of skiing nostalgia to adorn their

    home or garden, Ski Butternut is offering three different styles of antique chairlift
    chairs for sale. Price is $200 per chair. Guests can pickup their chairs at Ski
    Butternut - 380State Road, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230.

    There are three chairlift style chairs to choose from (use link to view picture).
    Borvig or here http://www.skibutternut.com/snojo/main.php?g2_itemId=4407
    Carlavaro or here http://www.skibutternut.com/snojo/main.php?g2_itemId=4409
    Mueller or here http://skibutternut.com/snojo/main.php?g2_itemId=4411

    There are a total of 85 chairs; 2 Mueller, 23 Borvig and 60 Carlavaro. These
    chairs vary in design and construction. Some used wooden slats for seats and
    backs, while others used metal or a more durable composite. These old double
    chairlift chairs are all truly remarkable pieces of skiing history. Antique chairlift
    chairs are quickly disappearing. Each lift chair is being sold as is. Chairs must be
    picked up at Ski Butternut. To secure a chair one must first call the Ski Butternut
    main office 413.528.2000 x111. Please have your credit card ready. Full
    payment will reserve a chair for pickup. Pickup can be accommodated from 10
    a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, or at the same times over the weekend
    of August 1st and 2nd. Cash sales will also be accepted, but we are unable to
    hold a chair in your name until payment has been secured. Personal checks will
    not be accepted. All chairs are sold on a first-come first-served basis.

    All Lift chairs can fit in a standard truck bed. Customers have also strapped
    chairs down onto the top of their vehicles for transport. Please bring
    appropriate tie down cords, or other means so you can firmly attach the chair
    to your vehicle. Chairs measure approximately 42” wide by 98” tall by 28” deep
    and weigh 35 to 45 pounds. The Carlavaro chairs have been disassembled into
    three pieces (a hanger, hoop and basket) making them easier to transport for
    those without access to a truck. These chairs can be reassembled using a
    screwdriver and wrench.

    There are only 2 Mueller center pole style chairlift double chairs remaining. This
    lift was manufactured in 1961 by Mueller (a Swiss company that still
    manufactures chairlifts today). The lift was powered by a 65 HP motor and was
    originally installed at Mount Cathalia in Ellenville, NY, before being purchased
    and relocated to Ski Butternut (known then as Butternut Basin). Channing
    Murdock and the Butternut Basin Lift Maintenance crew sweated through all
    aspects of the installation of the foreign made lift components to get it ready for
    the coming winters’ guests. This Mueller lift carried many an aspiring novice to
    the top of the Cruiser ski slope at Ski Butternut until it was decommissioned in
    2004. Ski Butternut replaced this aging lift with a quad chairlift prior to the winter
    of 2005.

    There are 60 Carlavaro chairlift chairs available which were originally installed on
    the ski slopes at the Dartmouth Ski Way in NH. Channing purchased these chairs
    from them in 1992. These Italian made chairs served as backup chairs for the
    original summit double chair and for our beloved Paddy’s beginner chairlift, also
    a Carlavaro, which through great care is still in operation at the resort today.

    Channing Murdock also purchased 23 Borvig chairs along with the other lift
    components and a 15 horsepower drive unit from another mountain. These
    components were installed at the mountain as the Scooter lift in 1969. The
    Scooter lift, in tandem with the Paddy’s chairlift, serviced the areas numerous
    beginner clients. Today a series of four Sun Kid carpet lifts in conjunction with the
    Paddy’s chairlift better serve the continual mix of beginners, of which a high
    percentage of these are children through young teens. Guests, just learning to
    ski today, desire a less intimidating, confidence building, yet fun transportation
    link to the various starting points for lessons on the Scooter learning slope. This
    series of new carpets deliver the right mix for our guests today.

    Keen interest has been expressed in acquiring a chair by many Ski Butternut
    loyal guests, instructors, patrollers as well as a number of the local ski shops.
    Purchasers have told me they desire to incorporate these unique and limited
    pieces of skiing history into their backyard, garden, game room or storefront.
    Many want to restore these historical treasures so as to preserve the memories
    they have had on the slopes of our beloved mountain.

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    My birthday is in October. Who's pitching in?
    "Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own." ~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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    I love my chair...especially since it's from one of the mountains (Cannon) where my kids grew up...lots of great stories and memories associated with it. I hope all of those chairs go to a loving home!

    ~ Marie
    "Decide what to be, and go be it."

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