Got out after a few days off for another solo - ride at Bradbury.

Got to the lot (which was packed) at 1:15ish...rolling at 1:30.

Rode a new loop. Link -> Ginn -> Fox West -> Lanzo -> Island Loop -> Regan -> Link -> Fox East -> Done.

In addition to the named stuff, I found 3 new pieces of trail that are not on the map and man, some of it is pretty great!!! One section in particular is totally buffed out and flows better than a lot of stuff there. If you aren't looking pretty hard for it, you will miss it. (for any of you locals, it is off the link trail maybe a 1/4 mile up on the right)

Despite the lot being packed, I only ran into 4 people riding. One guy was solo and then a dad and his 2 sons. The youngest was doing a great job! Makes me wish my dad had been into MTB when I was young.

All in all, the loop came in at 8.73 in 1:53. Most of it was pretty dry but there were some pretty muddy sections that required walking. No pics as the camera is in the shop