I haven't been able to get out for a ride in almost a week so I decided to brave the heat and head out for a solo ride this morning.

Turned out to be great riding weather. It was overcast for the entire ride keeping the heat way down. It has been absolutely BRUTAL here the past 5 days or so.

Pine Ridge is still a work in progress, although, I seem to have found a good way to ride it that makes it flow a little better than the last time I was out. Since my last ride, they have cut more trail and they should be adding more this Saturday at the NEMBA trail work day they scheduled.

Despite the lack of riding lately, I felt pretty strong. My GPS recorded only 6.16 miles but man did it feel like more. Definite highlight for me was hitting the bridge on the entrance both ways. (and staying on the skinnies you need to ride to get on the bridge)

A bit of the trail has gotten overgrown on the sides. Weeds are starting to cover a lot of the singletrack but I am sure this will be resolved by the end of the weekend. It is nice to have something so close but, for the effort, I'd still rather drive the extra 20 minutes and ride Bradbury or head to UMaine. More miles to log without repeating.