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    ...that is a nice shade of red...

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    i had a Saab 900 T and a Jetta GT both in that same color but with deep tan leather interior . What was really cool was they looked clean even when they weren't and being a car freak i like that
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    One of the first Volvos that doesn't look like the box it came in. Congrats, enjoy the best seats in the business.
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    I'm less then thrilled that Ford isn't standing behind their product. I found out today that two more people have had the same problem with the battery water pump. That makes a total of 6 fleet vehicles now. Another guy needed to have some pretty major work done to the steering system and I heard about another where the rear drive-train disintegrated. I know the Escape has sold well the past 2-3 years, but there's probably not many of them pushing 60K in mileage and some problems seem to be showing up. Time for me to unload this car.
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    I actually got a call from Ford today from Fleet Services, parts and maintenance dept. He asked for scans of the 6 invoices that show the water pump was replaced and can pass them over to parts engineering. Gave me his email address and office #.
    I got an email from Ford Fleet Services, Philadelphia Area Parts Manager today. They are going to refund me $738 out of the $1100 I paid to have the hybrid repaired. While I think they should cover it all, I'm going to cash that check before going after them for the rest. They are also going to issue my company a check for $1245 to cover some of the repairs they've had to shell out for the vehicles they own.

    The guy also hinted at the fact that Ford might be issuing a TSB or a full recall about the hybrid battery water pump issue.

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    4,128 should make this a poll

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