whats with the new design of ski boots?


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    whats with the new design of ski boots?

    black phantom was telling me that boot manufacturers in the last few years have changed the design of the ski boot....how the feet & lower leg are in a different position than the traditional boots....supposedly ankle & achilles problems, which i had both of in my new nordica boots last season....anyone know about this? i had my first ankle sprain ever skiing, it lasted the season because it never healed, and my right achilles had problems all season too....

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    this artical is bias to a specific skiing method (PMTS) but it does get into the history and thought behind the changes to the boot which was driven by the changes in ski design. Basically alot of modern boots don't have alot of forward lean or ramp angle, the thought is it doesn't promote a clean edge engament. In addition, these type of boots forces the quads to be flex more, so fatigue becomes more of of a problem (if the quads are not in shape).

    IMO, this is a consequence of new technology allowing the consumer to buy a turn.

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    Boot/cuff (with matching forward lean) choice for one's makeup is important....most boots are too big throughout the lower leg for me, so instead of finding those boots with better cuff fits I opted to go with a tighter fit in the lower shell...length-wise...and one boot I used was too soft on the fflex = allowing me to overflex with what's most comfortable = that was when I experienced some of the achilles/heel/underfoot numbness, but went away after switching to different boot. You know, sometimes a boot/fit will ski so well, without finding the better fit, that the lack of comfort is sometimes forgotten...
    *EDIT: prolly numerous situations of improper fit that AZ boot guys can mention....besides mine & jack97 too...

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