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    Now we might get them at movie theaters?? Great, just great.

    Bedbugs found, attacked at Monmouth Mall movie complex
    EATONTOWN — Bedbugs have been found at the Monmouth Mall movie theater complex, causing the theater to close early while an exterminator treated the cinema overnight, a company spokesman said today. Prompted by customer complaints, the virulent bugs were found in three of the AMC Loews Monmouth Mall 15 movie auditoriums on Wednesday, according to Justin Scott, a Loews spokesman. The theaters closed earlier than usual Wednesday and treated by an exterminator.***
    The AMC chain has had at least two other instances of bedbug infestations in recent weeks. In New York City, a Times Square theater was treated after bedbugs were found there on Aug. 3. Another theater in Harlem was also affected in July. Finding bedbugs in movie theaters is not necessarily unusual, bug experts said. "Wherever people rest, that's where they like to be," said John Daly Jr., manager of Allison Pest Control in Wall. That includes movie theaters, bedrooms, waiting rooms and other places where people gather and are inactive for a period of time, Daly said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by legalskier View Post
    Now we might get them at movie theaters?? Great, just great.

    That includes... bedrooms... and other places where people gather and are inactive for a period of time, Daly said.
    Clearly, they're doing it wrong, then.
    "The trouble with internet quotations is that they're often impossible to verify."

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    Gov. Paterson signs bedbug law
    August 31, 2010 12:00 PM
    Gov. David Paterson signed legislation into effect Monday requiring landlords to disclose any history of bedbug activity in a building to possible tenants. The move follows a spate of bedbug complaint calls to 311 in New York City: 11,000 such calls were made last year, compared to just 537 in 2004. The "Bedbug Disclosure Act" was sponsored by New York State Assembly member Linda Rosenthal, whose district includes the Upper West Side and portions of Hell's Kitchen. Ms. Rosenthal said that the legislation is crucial for helping city residents avoid an increasingly prevalent problem. New York City has seen several high-profile locations succumb to infestation in recent weeks, including the Empire State Building and the AMC movie theater in Times Square.

    Every little bit helps I suppose.

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    I'm pretty sure I was exposed to bedbugs when I was on a Forward Operating Base in Iraq, I woke up with a figure 8 in individual bites on my arm and it was itchy as hell, thats what happens when it is someone higher up's bright idea to have you sleep outside on the ground, my friend was stung by a scorpion though so I guess I can't complain
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    Quote Originally Posted by drjeff View Post
    Well on the flipside, you could just itch and scratch and itch and scratch and get your daily dose of cardio in that way
    Wait Till Next Year!!!

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    *** Here are some tips from experts:
    Use the luggage rack for your suitcase, and keep the suitcase off the floor or an extra bed. Don't put clothes in the hotel dresser or drape them on hotel furniture. Consider setting your suitcase on the bathroom counter, where it's less likely bugs will be.
    Inspect the entire bed area. That means pulling off the fitted sheets and searching the crevasses of mattress sides, box springs, the headboard and nightstand. Look for adult bed bugs and also dark smears of blood or fecal matter that these insects typically leave behind. If you find evidence of bedbugs, call hotel management immediately and request a different room.
    When you get home, immediately wash your clothes in hot water and dry them on high heat. Don't let them sit in the hamper. Some duffel bags can be heated in the dryer to kill bugs that could be lurking. Carefully inspect suitcases; it might be best to keep them in the garage to make sure nothing gets into the house.
    Searches on sites like and can alert travelers to recent bedbug problems at particular hotels. Or, go straight to the source: Before booking, ask the hotel about its procedure for dealing with bedbugs.
    Says Mr. Harrison: "I don't think there is anything wrong with asking 'What program do you have for bedbugs?' when you make your reservation."

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