PSA 91 northbound closed in Weth


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    PSA 91 northbound closed in Weth

    just went past it southbound. Nasty nasty accident. all lanes shut down, people are out of their cars walking around.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Here's an update. Not sure if "open" means all lanes...or 1.

    Accident closes I-91N in Wethersfield
    Injuries reported
    Updated: Thursday, 02 Sep 2010, 2:05 PM EDT
    Published : Thursday, 02 Sep 2010, 1:46 PM EDT

    Wethersfield, Conn. (WTNH) - A two car accident has shut down I-91 North in Wethersfield.

    It happened around 12:45pm between Exit 24 and 25.

    There are injuries reported.

    No word on the cause of the crash.

    The highway was back open around 1:50pm.
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    Bad day on I-91. Pray for those who go out to "serve and protect" every day.,7365184.story

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    That's terrible. I watched the video and you could hardly make out the police car. The highways can be a very dangerous place. It just takes a second or two...a small loss of focus at those speeds can be deadly.

    We drove up to VT last night. We went out to eat first and hit the highway around 9. The highway was still shut up in Enfield (I think it was shut until midnight). We jumped off 91 and headed towards Bradley. We then took 75 north through Suffield, into Agawam, picked up 57, then hooked up with 91. My wife's family told us "You should wait until tomorrow". No way. There's always a way around. If you have advanced notice, it just turns into a small detour. We actually had a nice ride through Suffield. Some of the older larger homes looked really nice all lit up at night.
    "I like homemade food. I just do."

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