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    I have a gmc yukon xl that needs tires and was thinking of going with bridgestone dueler revo a/t. Does anyone have these tires or have any suggestions on tires?

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    Some guys on the Jeep forum I go to love those tires. I don't have any insight, but those that have em, love em.

    I've got A/T's on my WJ Grand. I've been happy with them around town, on the highway, in the snow, dirt roads and mud season.
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    Nokian Hakkapeliitta SUV is the best you're going to do for winter driving. I put studded ones on my SUV in the winter.

    My theory with tires is that I want to optimize for black ice since that is the condition that will kill me. The heavier the car, the more you need good winter tires for braking and cornering on black ice. A Yukon XL wants to go straight. Downhill and cornering in black ice, that can be a big problem. Black ice occurs near 32F when you get a water layer on top of the frozen layer. That is the worst traction situation. A tire optimized for black ice has a lot of siping cuts to channel the water layer away. If you don't drive a heck of a lot in the flatlands, studs give you even more control and safety margin in that condition.

    If you live in the Rockies, you probably never see black ice and any snow tire will work fine. If you drive up from the flatlands to ski country every weekend, you'll encounter the condition frequently as the temps drop to freezing when you gain elevation and go farther north.

    For me, winter tires are like boot heaters. I managed for years without them but now that I have them, I can't imagine life without them.

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    Thank you, I was trying to cheap out a little and go with a all season tire, but I do know that the nokian winter tires are the best from what I've heard.

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    in the end you'll spend the same going with an all season and a winter as with just running an all season all year,,,,,,i have a suburban and will be looking for winter rubber soon, i'm running stock bridgestone H/L's and happy with them in rain/dry roads....

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    Quote Originally Posted by madriverjack View Post
    I have a gmc yukon xl that needs tires and was thinking of going with bridgestone dueler revo a/t. Does anyone have these tires or have any suggestions on tires?

    I had a Bridgesone A/T tire on my 4runner. Good in the winter. Tread life was excellent. Not a loud tire either. I put them on my spouse's CRV and am very satisfied with them.

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    For my civic this season I have decided to go with the Nokian Hakka's with studs and I am going to put them on a second set of rims. This way I can wait longer to put them on rather then make an appointment and beat the crap out of them for weeks until the first snow. I can also take them off if an extended thaw is predicted...and put them back on when the weather man is wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NYDrew View Post
    and I am going to put them on a second set of rims.
    i did this for years with my Saab and loved it. i'd put them on the night before the first snow of the season in less than 20 minutes.
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    ProComp SevereWeather A/Ts. Only 2ply sidewalls but nice narrow, diagonal tread = performed really well. Their Xtreme A/Ts = 3ply sidewalls, same tread design...but tread is a little wider..and one less row of tread...which looks fine in local comparison with other tires = tread design is great but think you have to judge in person about the width of each tread...

    Hankook's Dynapro MT gets a very good rating on a number of comparison websites.
    (quite similar to ProComp tread design...width = Xtreme A/Ts...but looks like a little more space in between treads)


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    looking for a 2nd set of rims for the suburban to set up with some winter tires....


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