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    A Cool Screen Saver

    I've surfed the web and found images of trail maps for every mountain I've ever skied or snowboarded. Then I saved the images in My Pictures and set the Screen Saver to a My Pictures Slideshow. I find myself just gazing at the screen and remembering some sweet days. My resolution is to make it to at least one new area per year. Last year it was Mt. Orford and Owl's Head. This year I'll finally make it to Burke. My best estimate is I've been to 63 resorts all in all, but with some of the European ones are hard to say where one resort ends and the next begins.

    The hardest maps to find were for some of the closed areas: Temple, Onset, Crotched, Klein Innsbruck, Hidden Valley (Colorado), but the NELSAP website had a lot of good images. I tried to find maps that reflect the era when I first visited any particular mountain. Now if I could only find a Haystack map from before they were assimilated into Mount Snow.


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    Better take Crotched off your screen saver list...

    Crotched re-opened this year - see skijay's ski report.

    Parts of Middletown are very nice............ live in Pawtucket now, formerly Warwick Neck on the water... Good thing about Pawtucket - closer to NH driving (that's about it)

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    Good idea...I'm working on that now. Thanks!

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    I know all about Crotched reopening...I think it's great. We need more small scale resorts. The Intrawests and the American Skiing Company places are very nice, but I prefer the home grown mountains without all the glitz.

    Anyway, the point was to find trail maps from years past. If you haven't checked out Laurie's site, www.teachski.com, you should. She has a wealth of old ski images on line.

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