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    --Monday october 29--forecast for white mountains----Monday, cloudy this afternoon with stray snow showers, highs in the upper 20's to 30. tonight, lows in the mid 20's with stray snow flurries.turning clear and windy.
    ---Tuesday, clearing in the morning ,sunny and windy. highs in the mid 20's to upper 20's, low wind chills.lows in the teens.
    ---Wednesday, partly sunny, highs in the uppers 20's to 35*. moderate winds. Lows in the lower 20's. turning cloudy by night with a chance of snow showers.
    ---Thursday, cloudy with scattard snow showers, foggy on the summets, highs in the uppers 20's to 30. windy, low wind chills.clouds slowly clearing thursay night.
    ---Friday, variably cloudy highs in the 30's. warming up a bit for a short time. --------------------------Matt(weatherman)

    post any responses if you want to continue my weather reports.

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    hey matt,
    great job on the weather... you may have saved my ass, i was gonna go on a hike up in the presidentials last weekend. keep up the good forcasts and youll be my main weather man, you seem to know your stuff. cause the other places didnt have the same forcast, i wouldnt have been prepared.
    its about time we had a reliable(we'll see how you do lol) white mountain summit forcast.

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    Where is the 10/30 forecast? It's 1:55 PM. How early will you be posting the weather Matt? What are you using as a source? (Just in case you are out on the hill yourself for the weekend & I need up to date info.)

    I thought 6" of snow & a temp of 10 degrees with 30 MPH was typical Washington Fall weather. Some days are nicer but people should be prepared for at least that kind of Weather after Labor Day or be very ready to turn around.

    When I head up Adam's next month 10 degrees & 30 MPH wind sounds prety good. The snow would hamper the views but when you consider it can very possibly be below zero with a 80+ wind I'd take alst weeks weather in a heartbeat.

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    Part II I see you've posted the whole week. As the Mt. Washington Observatory only will print the higher summits forecast for that day, are your forecast for the summits or the area in General? I want to be able to get the most reliable forecast I can if your out in the backcountry.

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    The forecast I give is for the summit forecast of the white mountains.--Matt

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    And where did you get a source for a week in advance for the summits? Missed yesterday as after posting I checked out the current conditions. at 1:45 yesterday 13 degrees with a gust of 62 MPH. (have not checked the MWO for actual high/low & winds yet for 10/30)

    Can you define windy & Moderately windy as these terms are quite subjective?

    Some would consider a day in the 20's with a 30 MPH windy as windy & winter-like possibly dangerous & some would call it a nice day. Some people will crawl up to a summit in 80 + MPH winds (seems near crazy to me). If you are one of the 2nd types, moderately windy might be 50-65 MPH. Many would consider that dangerous. On the other hand if you thought anything above 20 MPH was moderately windy we'd miss some great winter days.

    From now to April saying it's going to be windy on the summits is almost as safe as saying the sun will come up daily. For wind, need hard data for expected wind speeds beyond moderate or windy. Can you please provide source of summit forecast? Since you'll be out this winter in the BC, if you miss a couple of days, I'd still like to be connected to the up to date Summit weather.

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