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    Yeah can one of you mods pull it out of the complaint folder and paste it here.

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    There are many who will disagree with what I'm about to say so take it for what it's worth....

    If you really are doing a mix of lift/slack/back then focus more on downhill performance instead of uphill weight. For two reasons:

    1) During those lift served and slackcountry days you will put on WAY more downhill vertical than all of your BC days combined. And your BC days will be 1:1 in the vert department. So get a setup that can take the punishment of the down.

    2) Don't overvalue weight. This is something I think a lot about when skiing, biking, hiking, climbing, etc. Are you in the best shape your can possibly be? I'm not. Are you willing to skip a beer or a snack in your pack? I'm not. So don't worry so much about every gram that that a binding/ski/boot/bike component/backpack/helmet/etc/etc/ weighs. Many (most) of us could probably stand to lose a pound our two (or 10) and should do that before stressing over a few ounces on your feet. At 135lbs that may not be the case for you, but I still bet there are better places for you to shave weight without compromising what you want in performance.

    With all that said I agree with RiverC. Get 2 setups if you can. The costs aren't so bad if you shop and don't stress the details. Hell, I just picked up a used pair of skis, Naxo bindings, and skins for $150. Those are a backup up to my regular Naxo based AT setup. But I typically snowboard for lift-served.
    But if you really can't swing it and want a completely new setup of 'just right' gear I would lean towards the Markers for the usage you are describing. You cited lack of toe release as a concern and I think that's valid. It's why I switched away from tele to AT. I always felt my knees were extra vulnerable in bad tele fall.

    The choices are hard but be thankful to be in this era of so much great gear and possibilities. You'll likely be happy with whatever you choose.

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