Political Attack Advertisement on Alpinezone


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    Political Attack Advertisement on Alpinezone

    OMG a political attack advertisement on Alpine Zone.com.

    Too bad we can't get away from this useless information.

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    I missed that. What was it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by catskills View Post
    OMG a political attack advertisement on Alpine Zone.com.

    Too bad we can't get away from this useless information.
    Will Greg have to ban himself for letting that happen???
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    Scott Murphy advertisement on the front page of Alpine Zone right under Links. I can't get the add to come up again. Maybe it was just a one time occurrence. I definitely did see the advertisement for Scott Murphy. I hate these things.
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    First time I clicked on this topic I got this:

    It's our local congressional rep race, a Chris Murphy ad. Ads must be linked to zip code or something.

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    I think some of the things that pop up actually come from your cookies not totally from this website. I could be wrong but it seems sometimes that the things that pop up are very specific to me.
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    They're certainly not chosen by Greg/AlpineZone. Those are somewhat random ads that do seem to tie in with your cookies. On the other hand, if you're signed in, you won't see those ads anyway. Just the ones on the top of the page that are usually skiing/mtbing related.
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    I've become so used to political ads, I don't even notice.

    The mouse-over and pop ups are the ones that bother me most. Though we only issues with mouse-over a year or two ago. Wasn't Greg's choice

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    Aarghh a political ad on AZ is like a Fart in Church
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