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    Cannon / Mittersill

    I was just looking at the Cannon Mountain trail map and was wondering what the Mittersill area is all about. On the map, it looks like there are defined trails and a base lodge, yet no lift (although it says they have one planned). Was that a different ski area at one point or something? I find it strange to have all of those trails and a lodge without a lift.

    Anyone have the history of that?


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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveInCT View Post
    Anyone have the history of that?
    If you scroll down a few pages, there are multiple long winded threads about the new lift being installed this year on Mittersill.

    There's also some detailed information about Mittersill in the NELSAP Book - the Lost Ski Areas of the White Mountains.

    Also, here's a page about some of the expansion:

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    Yeah, I probably should have not been so lazy and used the old "search" button. Ya know, it would have been faster than typing my post! =)

    Sorry about cluttering up the board and thanks for the info!

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    This will answer your questions:

    Mittersill is a very historical area. It went out of business in the 1980's and became a mecca for backcountry skiers because of its easy access and terrain.

    Cannon has been trying for almost as long as Mittersill has been closed to purchase the land on which it sits from the White Mountain National Forest. That was accomplished through a land transfer that was finalized last spring.

    Since then Cannon has opened it as sanctioned backcountry terrain. It is installing a new double on the path of the existing lift.

    And anyone have any pictures of how the lift is coming along?
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    And the new lift was way too expensive! Where did I hear that from?
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