Loon Mt Dec 20, Bretton Woods Dec 21 & 22


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    Camera Loon Mt Dec 20, Bretton Woods Dec 21 & 22

    I was at Loon a few weeks ago and was pleased that more terrain had opened. While the surfaces were only "okay", the coverage was much more even across the whole mountain. Throughout the day I covered all the peaks and basins and everything was in pretty good shape. Obviously east basin is going to need some more coverage before I ski angel street again. The lifts were ski on all day with the acception of a few minutes at the gondi here or there. Monday was an overall good, but not great ski day.

    The plan for tuesday was to head to Cannon, but looking out the window in Campton, the wind was really wipping, and Cannon is not the place to be on a windy day. So, we headed for Bretton Woods, and what a pleasant surprise! Unlike the barren grounds of Lincoln, Littleton was covered in mounds and mounds of fluffy white snow. At the mountain there appeared to be 6-8 inches of new snow on top of 12 inches from recent days.

    It snowed all day accumulating to perhaps a foot. The best part was there was no competition for powder all the people seemed to stay on the main express we had the whole mountain to ourselves.

    My favorite run of the day was Aggasiz which held powder along with the other glades for both of our days.

    For day number two we headed back to Bretton Woods for two for one and were astounded to find four more inches. Unbelievable. Bretton Woods has the snow head here. Had a great time.
    "If the whole world skied there would be no war."

    -Otto Schniebs

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    Indeed the snow fell in the notch and northward. Wonder what south of the notch looks like now.

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