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Thread: Do you smoke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottySkis View Post
    Hope you quit or try e cigarette. My close family member dad who is only 52 in great shape when u see him has heart issues from smoking a pack + a day . just found out he probably need bypass surgery only bad habits is smoking tobacco. If you must smoke enjoy MJ.
    My Father smoked for years even after being diagnosed at the age of 24
    and loosing a kidney to Bladder Cancer,
    He quit in his 50's and the cancer stopped coming back,he passed away at 77 from a supposedly not related lung disease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcunni View Post
    started smoking very young.. 12? i remember the first time i took a drag off a cigarette, some guy drove by threw his cigarette out the window, i picked it up and smoked it.

    i'm old, cigs were $0.75 a pack when i started. i quit on my 25th birthday, haven't gone back to it since.
    Very similar situation for me. Started stealing dad's Lucky unfiltered at about 12, smoked them and Camel UFs till 17-18 and switched to Marlboro Lights, cuz I wanted to cut back.

    Started two pack a day for the next 8 years! When they went to 2.50 a pack I quit. I can't imagine paying 8-10 dollars a pack for Marlboros now!! That's enough reason to stay an ex-smoker!! Forget about the obvious health benefits!
    15-16 Killington 11-17-16

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