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    Oh yea, John makes great tasting vodka tonics!!!!


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    I thought the burger that I got there on Monday was pretty good, despite being on the pricey side. Although, like Greg, I'm not too picky when it comes to food while skiing. A slightly okay burger is all I really require.

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    We ate at their Copper Tree restaurant to skier's left of the ticket window area last Sunday. Not really a restaurant, more of a cafeteria with different food. It was decent food though. My son had the mac & cheese and some sweet potato fries and a bottle of soda. (no fountain drinks there) I had a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and a bottle of poweraid. Total was $28. Everything was pretty good. The only weird thing was they were playing the Jimmy Buffet, Margaritaville station on the radio and the bar tenders were wearing Hawaiian shirts. Didn't quite fit with the snow that was falling outside the window.
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    I ate at Scotties on the summit and the Cheeseburger was great,price was good to for a ski hill,and i kind of like the name too.

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    As I get older and can afford it more, I just hate being ripped off. Hence I usually brown bag it no matter where I go.

    The skiing I happily pay for, the rip off food at Disneyland prices not so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingslug View Post
    Orville Slutsky eats there
    does he still pick up the cafeteria trays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiadikt View Post
    does he still pick up the cafeteria trays?
    yup.... he even still picks up trash from the floor... god bless the old guy... we love him...
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    Saw Orville Sunday - He was definitly eating the food but he certainily was not picking up any trays. He is walking with a cane and the aid of another person.

    The food out of the smoker is excellant. The bar in the copper tree is now an island bar, which explains Jimmey on the radio and the Hawaiian shirts. Word is the bartenders were dying from the heat of the sun coming in and came up with Island Bar idea so they could wear shorts.

    the Baked Potatoe and Roasted Pepper Soup with Smoked Gouda are also excellant by the way.

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    I got to see Orville office a few years ago wow a lot of papers everywere he bought all of our lunches he's a great guy

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    The food isn't so bad but the two weekdays I was there the music played at the base lodge sucked.

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