Hi Everyone!

My name is Nick, and I live right at the MA / RI / CT border in the small town of Uxbridge, MA. I’ve been a lurker for a long time, but have only been posting here for a few weeks. I’ve been speaking with Greg for a little while about AZ and he had mentioned to me he was interested in getting some more time back for his family and himself. We talked about AZ and what the community represents, and who the right person would be take over, and I decided (along with my sister as a partner, who you will see a lot more of as well ... her name is Ski Stef on AZ ) to embark on this great adventure of taking over the reigns of AlpineZone.

Please know that I have every intention of keeping this forum as fun, friendly, and exciting as it has always been. I know that I have some ridiculously huge shoes to fill (even more apparent after attending this past weekend’s Summit), and I will do my very best to deliver here.

Greg will be staying on for a quite a while as a moderator during a transition period and still be active on the site, as will (I hope!) all the rest of the AZ staff. As far as myself, I plan on being active on the site and community and continue many, if not all, of the traditions that make AlpineZone the best site out there for the northeast’s skiing and riding community.

I hope to ski with many of you in the coming years and truly look forward to forming some new friendships with everyone!

A little more background on myself and my history skiing, for those who are curious (I guess perhaps this should have gone in the “Introductions” thread!)

I’m 30 years old now, but have been skiing since I could walk. I have my parents to thank for that. My dad grew up in Germany and him and his family routinely took trips skiing in the Alps, on wooden skis that I’m pretty sure I still have stashed away in my basement somewhere.

My dad was a typical German, super regimented and determined, and he passed that along to me. We always took in every second of the ski day – first ones on the left, and last ones off the mountain.

I grew up in Manchester, Connecticut, and did most of my local skiing growing up at Killington and Mount Snow. I’m definitely more familiar with Killington than I am any other mountain in the area, although I have to say that I really hope to expand those horizons a bit in the coming years by really trying out many more slopes .

I’ve also had the opportunity to go on some great trips skiing in all other areas of the world… when I was very young (12 or 13? Maybe) I went to Breckenridge, which I only vaguely remember getting a Bronze NASTAR medal which at the time I thought was awesome(thinking it was 3rd place, haha); but in retrospect I’m pretty sure everyone gets at least a bronze medal just for participating.

But by far, the best skiing I ever had the opportunity to do was when my dad took my sister and I along for a helicopter skiing trip in 2001 with Canadian Mountain Holidays in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. That was just an unreal experience, and at some point I’ll write up what it was like.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away in November of 2006. I remember the preceding spring going skiing with him at Killington for the last time. He had Lou Gehrig’s disease, and I remember that last run down Header with him on Ramshead mountain, big smile on his face, enjoying being outdoors and skiing like he had his whole life. He was past doing the double diamonds at that point – but nonetheless, that trip was magical. It’s been an inspiration for me… skiing for me is so much more than just something I do, it’s really a part of who I am. And that’s why I’m so excited to be a part of this community.

OK, let the ribbing begin ... and any questions you have, I will do my best to be as open as possible about getting them answered! You can always PM me as well, I want to listen to everyone who has been a member here first and foremost.

For anyone that was at the AZ summit this was me (I think Greg took this picture... Thanks Greg!)